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РУССКИЕ ДОКИ ЗА ЭТУ ДАТУ- Природа Формирования МПЦ (Шаблон 3) - Б630508
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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Central Orgs Missions ROUTINE 3


All goals contacted on the preclear early in his processing and made to rocket read are implants.

An implant is an electronic means of overwhelming the thetan with a significance.

In the case of implanted Goals Problem Masses, use was made of the mechanics of the actual pattern of living to impress and entrap a thetan and force obedience to behavior patterns. The goal selected was not based on any goal of the thetan but was an entirely arbitrary selection, both as to goal and pattern, by those conducting the implanting.

Implanting was an activity carried out to prevent retribution from executed persons, to dispose of captured armies and block their return home as thetans, to dispose of “excess population,” to “fit” a thetan for a colonization project, to dissuade revolutionaries, simply to implant, and many other reasons.

Lacking actual technology, time, real purpose and common decency, the electronic implant was the standard short-term means of handling the problems of life.

To us this activity is highly discreditable, even criminal. That implanting was undertaken and done is witnessed by the weird uses of electricity by the psychiatrist who has no therapeutic excuse for doing so and does not even know that he undertakes a very low-order dramatization of whole track actions.

That whole populations have been disposed of by beings needs no further evidence than Hitler’s pogroms against the Jews wherein he involved huge vitally needed war resources and elaborate scientific skills to exterminate 6,000,000 human beings who had committed no real crimes against him.

Implants are not necessarily the work of pranksters or madmen but the solemn scientific combined effort of careful, dedicated politicians, learned men and psychologists and technicians, who work under the orders of short sighted states. How they excuse this activity would probably make an interesting study in itself.

That the intention is not for the good of anyone is witnessed by the fact that many of the goals so implanted dictate criminal activities.

Implants result in all varieties of illness, apathy, degradation, neurosis and insanity and are the principal cause of these in man.


The pattern and similarity of goals and GPMs should make one aware of their actual nature as implants.

That implanted goals and GPMs exist does not mean that the pc’s own goals and GPMs do not exist.

However, to get to the pc’s own goals and GPMs one must run the implanted ones.

Indeed, so long as implants do exist and have to be run, it is almost fortunate for they give the pc the increase in confronting and case gain confidence needed to handle the whole track and the auditor the experience in listing necessary to handle the whole track.

There is no real difference between the technology needed to handle an implant GPM and the whole track. Finding purposes and listing are common to both. Both have a basic pattern, though the implant pattern does not vary pc to pc, goal to goal.

You won’t find a real whole track goal on a pc until the implanted goals are handled, and even if you did it would snap into an implanted goal.

The difference between a whole track RI and an implant RI consists of somatic and visio. Implant somatics are pressure, heat, electrical and generalized pain. There is no changing visio, usually just the implant station and its false pictures intended to confuse. A whole track RI has visio, motion and sharp identifiable somatics, as from spear wounds, crashes, etc.

For twelve years I have looked for technology to “get around” implants and not run them. Instead I found one could not get around them and found the technology to get through them.

Everyone has these implants that is here on this planet.

Do we know as much as the implanters? Yes. We know more about life and its laws and this universe than those who implanted.

Does this debar clearing? No, it makes clearing easier as it gives a pattern of goals and RIs that can be followed.

Is the gain as great in running out implants? The only immediate gain you will get on Homo sapiens is running out implants. These implants are the immediate source of those troubles he is most concerned about. The gains in running them are impressive.

When can one run the whole track and the pc’s own GPMs? When the implants are run.

Does running an implant assist whole track running? The implants have grouped the whole track in a pc. Random listing during the running of implants straightens out a lot of whole track.

Does running an implant harm the body? No, not if expertly done. There is a lot of physical discomfort in running an implant GPM and mass may pile up on the pc but the completion of the job sees this “damage” also swept away.

Does running an implant change the pc’s patterns of behavior? The only trouble-some patterns of behavior the pc has reactively are from these implants. The resurgence and relief is enormous.

Does this change the definition of Clear? No. It clarifies it. Clear could mean “a thetan cleared of enforced and unwanted behavior patterns and discomforts.”


The finding that the GPMs you are contacting are implants accounts for (a) the violence of R3 ARC breaks and (b) the suspicion with which Scientology is sometimes regarded.

Down deep a thetan on this planet knows he or she was given false purposes and sent here under a cloud. This is attested by the enthusiasm with which a pc will erase “his goal.”

Let an auditor err and force or confuse the pc and the pc instantly reverts to the moods experienced during the actual implant, which are, amongst others, anger, fear, apathy, compounded by feelings of degradation and betrayal. The pc instantly feels he is again being implanted. The R3 methods of handling an ARC break keep this to a minimum.

Whole groups of people suddenly become convinced that a Central Org or Scientologists are up to some evil. They have confused a Scientologist who is undoing an implant with the crews who implanted. A = A = A. This paranoid reaction to Scientology stems from this one mechanism, the implanted character of people.


One’s first reaction to this news may be one of heartbreak, feeling betrayed, etc. I felt the same way when I found it out. Then I realized the emotion came out of the implants themselves. One is supposed to feel disheartened and betrayed when he or she realizes it. That keeps it from being undone and leaves the being trapped. The reaction is just part of the trap.

But before I realized this, I only waited a day or two to be sure. I have always persevered in my honesty with you and have given you a vital research datum as fast as I knew it, regardless of its palatability. This is one of those times.

At first I thought this puts clearing too far up in hours. And I didn’t know how you’d take it.

Then, I rapidly summed up the pluses and minuses of the situation and came up with this datum:

Implant or no implant, WE NOW KNOW THE FIRST GOAL TO BE RUN ON EVERY CASE and we know its pattern.

Some fifty hours after starting, a Class III or IV Auditor, knowing the goal and its pattern, can make a first goal Clear. In other words anyone signing up, for instance in an HGC, can be a first goal Clear in two intensives. The randomity of looking for the first goal and its RIs has vanished. The pc’s confront comes up, up, up.

What, at the worst, has happened is that it will take longer to run a pc to OT as one has to handle these implanted banks before handling the actual whole track. BUT, the door is open to steady unquestionable gain in that direction without maybes. And the state of OT attainable by auditing is probably much more powerful than we have imagined.


An implant is meant to be tricky and confusing. We have outsmarted it by finding the patterns of these. But do not expect to find the banks not confusing to the pc even still. Let the pc grasp any confusing situation before forcing the pc into going on.

The “bank closest to PT” is actually the furthest from PT. The bank was implanted from top oppterm down. Basic, then, is the “PT goal.” A pc can’t run from “bottom” to “top” as that’s backwards.

If you get the basic (closest to “PT”) goal very well erased, the others tend to soften up. This is our old “get the basic on the chain.” Basic is the top oppterm of the closest to PT goal.

The O/W sequence is present. The one who has the hardest run of it in a bank has done the most implanting. But, motivators or not, these implants must be run. The overts can be handled later.

Well that’s the announcement. When you come out of any decline it puts you into, get busy and get through. You were supposed to feel disheartened.