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РУССКИЕ ДОКИ ЗА ЭТУ ДАТУ- Трак Времени и Прохождение Инграмм по Цепям - 1 (2) - Б630515
- Трак Времени и Прохождение Инграмм по Цепям - 1 - Б630515
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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Central Orgs Franchise


It has been so many years since engram running was a familiar tool of the auditor that it is hard to know where to begin to teach this skill all over again. Actually, millions of words have been written or spoken on the subject of running engrams. However, oddly enough there was not one condensed, summary HCO Bulletin on the subject. Engram running, developed, was never then summated. I will therefore attempt to remedy the matter.


No recapitulation or summation of materials was ever done on engram running. Therefore while all lectures and books on it are true, not one contains a final survey of engram running including everything vital to this skill and the laws which govern it. The material in books and tapes should be reviewed. But the material in these HCO Bulletins should be learned thoroughly as it takes precedence over all earlier material.


I have gotten very impatient with the constant plea for a rote set of commands to run engrams. The need for such commands is a testimony to the Auditor’s lack of knowledge of the mechanics of the Time Track and the pc’s behavior during an engram running session.

An auditor must know the basic laws and mechanics of the Time Track in order to run engrams. There is no rote procedure and never will be that will be successful on all cases in absence of a knowledge of what a Time Track is.

There is no substitute for knowing what engrams are and what they do. Knowing that, you can run engrams. Not knowing that, there is nothing that will take the place of such knowledge. You have to know the behavior of and data about engrams. There is no royal road that avoids such knowledge. If you know all about engrams you can run them. If you don’t, you’ll make a mess regardless of the commands given for use.

Therefore the essence of engram running is a knowledge of the character and behavior of engrams. This is not a vast subject.

However, these three things stand in the way of learning about engrams:

  1. Engrams contain pain and unconsciousness; fear of pain or inflicting pain causes the auditor not to confront the pc’s engrams and unconsciousness is after all a not knowing condition; and
  2. The auditor is so accustomed to projectionists reeling off movies and TV programs for him or her that the auditor tends to just sit while the action rolls forward, acting like a spectator, not the projectionist.
  3. Failure to handle Time in Incidents.

On (1) you can remedy this just by knowing about it and realizing it and surmounting it, and on (2) you can remedy the attitude by realizing that the auditor, not the pc (or some installed movie projectionist), is operating the pc’s bank. (3) is covered later.

Take a pocket movie projector and any bit of a reel of film and wind it back and forth for a while and you’ll see you are moving it. Then give a command and move the film and you’ll have what you’re doing as an auditor. Many drills can be developed using such equipment and (2) will be overcome. (1) requires just understanding and the will to rise superior to it.


The endless record, called the Time Track, complete with 52 perceptions, of the pc’s entire past, is available to the auditor and his or her auditing commands.

The rules are: The time track obeys the auditor; the time track does not obey a preclear (early in auditing).

The Time Track is a very accurate record of the pc’s past, very accurately timed, very obedient to the auditor. If motion picture film were 3D, had 52 perceptions and could fully react upon the observer, the Time Track could be called a motion picture film. It is at least 350,000,000,000,000 years long, probably much longer, with a scene about every 1/25 of a second.


That part of the Time Track that is free of pain and misadventure is called simply the Free Track, in that the pc doesn’t freeze up on it.

Any mental picture that is unknowingly created and part of the Time Track is called a Facsimile, whether an engram, secondary, lock or pleasure moment.

Any knowingly created mental picture that is not part of a Time Track is called a Mock-up.

Any unknowingly created mental picture that appears to have been a record of the physical universe but is in fact only an altered copy of the Time Track is called a Dub-in.

Those parts of the Time Track that contain moments of pain and unconsciousness are called Engrams.

Those parts of the Time Track which contain misemotion based on earlier engramic experience are called Secondaries.

Those parts of the Time Track which contain the first moment an earlier engram is restimulated are called Key-ins.

Those parts of the Time Track which contain moments the pc associates with Key-ins are called Locks.

A series of similar engrams, or of similar locks, are called Chains.

A Basic is the first incident (engram, lock, overt act) on any chain.

Basic Basic is the first engram on the whole Time Track.

Incidents are not in piles or files. They are simply a part of the consecutive Time Track.

By Incident is meant the recording of an experience, simple or complex, related by the same subject, location or people, understood to take place in a short and finite time period such as minutes or hours or days.

A Chain of Incidents makes up a whole adventure or activity related by the same subject, general location or people, understood to take place in a long time period, weeks, months, years or even billions or trillions of years.

An incident can be an engram, secondary, key-in or lock. A chain of incidents can therefore be a chain of experiences which are engrams, secondaries, key-ins and locks.

A chain of incidents has only one Basic. Its Basic is the earliest engram received from or overt act committed against the subject, location or beings which make it a chain.


Shakespeare said all life was a play. He was right in so far as the Time Track is a 3D, 52 perception movie which is a whole series of plays concerning the preclear. But the influence of it upon the preclear removes it from the class of pretense and play. It is not only very real, it is what contains whatever it is that depresses the pc to what he is today. Its savageness relieved, the preclear can recover, and only then. There is no other valid workable road.

There are valences, circuits and machinery in the reactive mind, as well as Reliable Items and Goals. But these all have their place on the Time Track and are part of the Time Track.

The preclear, as a thetan, is the effect of all this recorded experience. Almost all of it is unknown to him.

There are no other influencing agencies for the preclear than the Time Track and Present Time. And Present Time, a moment later, is part of the Time Track.


The preclear makes the Time Track as time rolls forward. He does this as an obsessive create on a sub-awareness level. It is done by an involuntary intention, not under the pc’s awareness or control.

The road to clear by making the preclear take over the creating of the Time Track was long explored and proved completely valueless and chancy.

The road to clear by making the preclear leave the Time Track (exteriorization) lasts only for minutes, hours or days and has proven valueless.

The road to clear, proven over 13 years of intense research and vast numbers of auditing hours and cases, lies only in an auditor handling the Time Track and removing from it, by means governed by the Auditor’s Code, the material, both motivators and overts, which, recorded on it, is out of the control of the pc and holds the pc at effect. Listing for goals and reliable items, engram running, Prepchecking, Sec Checking, recall processes and assists all handle the Time Track successfully and are therefore the basis of all modern processing.


There are no faults in the recording of the Time Track. There are only snarls caused by groupers, and unavailability and lack of perception of the Time Track.

A Grouper is anything which pulls the Time Track into a bunch at one or more points. When the grouper is gone the Time Track is perceived to be straight.

Unavailability is caused by the pc’s inability to confront or Bouncers and Denyers. A Bouncer throws the pc backward, forward, up or down from the track and so makes it apparently unavailable. A Denyer obscures a part of track by implying it is not there or elsewhere (a mis-director) or should not be viewed.

Groupers, bouncers and denyers are material (matter, energy, space and time in the form of effort, force, mass, delusion, etc.) or command phrases (statements that group, bounce or deny). When a grouper, bouncer or denyer are enforced by both material and command phrases they become most effective, making the Time Track unavailable to the pc.

Unless the Time Track is made available it cannot be as-ised by the pc and so remains aberrative.

The Time Track is actual in that it is made of matter, energy, space and time as well as thought. Those who cannot confront MEST think it is composed only of thought. A grouper can make a pc fat and a bouncer thin if the pc is chronically stuck in them or if the track is grouped or made unavailable through bad auditing.


Through a great deal of study, not entirely complete, the following surmises can be made about the Time Track, the physical universe and the pc.

The tendency of the physical universe is condensation and solidification. At least this is the effect produced on the thetan. Continued dwelling in it without rehabilitation causes the thetan to become less reaching (“smaller”) and more solid. A thetan, being a static, may become convinced he cannot duplicate matter, energy, space, or time or certain intentions and so succumbs to the influence of this universe. This influence in itself would be negligible unless recorded by the thetan, stored and made reactive upon the thetan as a Time Track, and then maliciously used to trap the thetan.

Recent researches I have done in the field of aesthetics tend to indicate that rhythm is the source of present time. The thetan is carried along both by his own desire to have, do or be and by having been overwhelmed in the distant past by a continuous minute rhythm. This is a possible explanation of a thetan’s continuous presence in Present Time. Present Time, then, can be defined as a response to the continuous rhythm of the physical universe, resulting in a hereness in nowness.

In response to this rhythm, undoubtedly assisted by overts and implants and convictions of the need of recording, the thetan began to respond to the physical universe in his creations and eventually obsessively created (by means of restimulatable involuntary intentions) the passing moments of the physical universe. But only when he began to consider these pictures important could they be used to aberrate him.

These are only partly permanently created. Other moments of the past become re-created only when the thetan’s intention is directed to them, on which these parts spontaneously appear, the thetan not voluntarily creating them.

This forms the Time Track. Some parts of it, then, are “permanently” in a state of creation and the majority of it becoming created when the thetan’s attention is directed to them.

The “permanently created” portions are those times of overwhelm and indecision which almost entirely submerged the thetan’s own will and awareness.

Such parts are found in implants and great stresses. These parts are in permanent restimulation.

The mechanism of permanent restimulation consists of opposing forces of comparable magnitude which cause a balance which does not respond to current time and remains “timeless”.

Such phenomena as the overt act-motivator sequence, the problem (postulate counter-postulate), tend to hold certain portions of the Time Track in “permanent creation” and cause them to continue to exist in present time as unresolved masses, energies, spaces, times and significances.

The intention of the physical universe (and those who have become degraded enough to further only its ends) is to make a thetan solid, immobile and decisionless.

The fight of the thetan is to remain unsolid, mobile or immobile at will, and capable of decision.

This in itself is the principal unresolved problem and it itself creates timeless mass which accomplishes the basic purpose of a trap.

The mechanism of the Time Track can then be said to be the primary action in making a thetan solid, immobile and decisionless. For without a record of the past accumulating and forming a gradient of solidification of the thetan, the entrapment potential of the physical universe would be negligible and the havingness which it offers might be quite therapeutic. It probably requires more than just living in the physical universe to become aberrated. The main method of causing aberration and entrapment is therefore found in actions which create or confuse the Time Track.

A thetan has things beyond Matter, Energy, Space and Time which can deteriorate. His power of choice, his ability to keep two locations separate, his belief in self and his ethical standards are independent of material things. But these can be recorded in the Time Track as well and one sees them recover when no longer influenced by the Time Track.

As the thetan himself makes his own Time Track, even if under compulsion, and commits his own overts, even on provocation, it can be said, then, that the thetan aberrates himself. But he is assisted by mammoth betrayals and his necessity to combat them. And he is guilty of aberrating his fellows.

It is doubtful if another type of being built the physical universe and still lurks within it to trap further. But older beings, already degraded, have continuously been about to help newer beings to go downhill.

Each Thetan had his own “Home Universe” and these colliding or made to collide, probably are the physical universe. But of this origin and these intentions we are not at this time certain.

It is enough for us to resolve the problem of the aberrative nature of this universe and provide a technology which assuages that aberration and keeps one abreast of it. This is practical and we can already do it. Further insight into the problem will be a further bonus. And further data is already in view.

(Bulletin 2 on The Time Track and Engram Running will follow.)