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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Central Orgs Franchise SCIENTOLOGY THREE

Routine Three SC

There has been such a rush on in technical that it may have looked to you that we were in a state of rapid change. This was occasioned by a speed-up caused by various events. You are getting about a century of research (or more) in a very few months. So bear with me. The end is not only in sight. It’s here. My job is mainly now to refine and get the data to you.

The order brought into our work by making Five Levels of Scientology is paying off rapidly. Level One is in development. Level Two is well away. Level Four is complete. And suddenly Level Three leaped to a final phase.

We can Clear, Clear, Clear.

This has been a stepchild for months, even years now. It has been mauled, messed up, invalidated and rehabilitated and knocked around. But a BOOK ONE CLEAR was what most people came into Scientology to obtain. And now I’ve done it. I’ve found out why not and how.

And this HCO Bulletin is a hurry-skurry outline of the steps so you can do it. There will be lots of HCO Bulletins on this. The tapes of August 27, 28 and 29, AD13, give most of its theory.

Clear Defined – Book One definition holds exactly true. A Clear is somebody with no “held down fives” in this lifetime (see Evolution of a Science).

Clear Test – Clear sits at Clear read on the TA with a free needle. No natter. No upsets. No whole track keyed in. No Service Facsimile.

Clear Stability – We are not concerned with stability. But we can now key out so thoroughly that we need not stress “keyed out clear”. I have found the means, I am sure, to make this state far more stable and recreate it easily if it slips.

So forgive me for being indecisive about clear states for these past many months.

The breakthrough is stated as follows: If you cannot make a clear in a 25-hour prepcheck the pc has one or more service facsimiles.

The barrier to clearing and the reason for fast relapse when clear was attained has been the Service Facsimile.

Service Facsimile defined: Advanced Procedure and Axioms definition accurate. Added to this is: The Service Facsimile is that computation generated by the preclear (not the bank) to make self right and others wrong, to dominate or escape domination and enhance own survival and injure that of others.

Note that it is generated by the pc, not the bank. Thus the pc restimulates the bank with the computation; the bank, unlike going to OT, does not retard the pc in this instance.

The Service Facsimile is usually a this lifetime effort only. It might better be called a Service Computation but we’ll hold to our old terms. The pc is doing it. In usual aberration the bank is doing it (the pc’s engrams, etc). Where you can’t clear the pc by auditing just bank, you have to get out of the road what the pc is doing to stay aberrated. If you clear only what the bank is doing the clear state rapidly relapses. If you clear what the pc is doing the bank tends to stay more quiet and unrestimulated. It is the pc who mostly keys his bank back in. Therefore the pc who won’t go free needle clear is himself unconsciously preventing it. And by knocking out this effort we can then key out the bank and we have a fast clear who pretty well stays clear (until sent on to OT).

The state is desirable to attain as it speeds going to OT.

All this came from studies I’ve been doing of the Tone Arm. The Tone Arm must move during auditing or the pc gets worse. All those pcs whose Tone Arms don’t easily get into action and hang up are Service Facsimile pcs.

Note that the Service Facsimile is used to:

First: Make self right. – Make others wrong.

Second: To Avoid Domination. – To Dominate Others.

Third: To Increase own survival. – To hinder the survival of others.

The Service Facsimile is all of it logical gobbledegook. It doesn’t make good sense. That’s because the pc adopted it where, in extreme cases, he or she felt endangered by something but could not Itsa it. Hence it’s illogical. Because it is senseless, really, the computation escapes casual inspection and makes for aberrated behaviour.


The steps, in brief, are:

1. Establish Service Fac. This is done by Assessment of Scientology List One of 2-12 and using that for a starter and then using the Preliminary Step of R3R as published (HCO Bulletin of July I, AD 1 3). One uses only things found by assessment, never by wild guesses or pc’s obvious disabilities. These assessments already exist on many cases and should be used as earlier found.

2. Audit With Right-Wrong. Ask pc with Itsa Line carefully in, First Question: “In this lifetime, how would (whatever was found) make you right?” Adjust question until pc can answer it, if pc can’t. Don’t force it off on pc. If it’s correct it will run well. Don’t keep repeating the question unless pc needs it. Just let pc answer and answer and answer. Let pc come to a cognition or run out of answers or try to answer the next question prematurely and switch questions to: Second Question: “In this lifetime, how would (whatever was found) make others wrong?” Treat this the same way. Let the pc come to a cog, or run out of answers or accidentally start to answer the first question. Go back to first question. Do the same with it. Then to second question. Then to first question again, then to second.

If your assessment was right pc will be getting better and better TA action. But the TA action will eventually lessen. On any big cognition, end the process. This may all take from 2 hours to 5, I don’t think more. The idea is not to beat the process to death or sink pc into bank GPMs. The pc will have automaticities (answers coming too fast to be said easily) early in the run. These must be gone and pc bright when you end. You are only trying to end the compulsive character of the Service Facsimile so found and get it off automatic and get pc to see it better, not to remove all TA action from the process.

3. Audit Second Process. Using the same method of auditing as in 2. above, use the Third Question: “In this lifetime how would (same one used in Step 2) help you escape domination?” When this seems cooled off use Fourth Question: “In this lifetime how would (same one) help you dominate others?” Use Third Question and Fourth Question again and until pc has it all cooled off or a big cognition.

4. Audit Third Process. Using the same method as in 2. above use the Fifth Question: “In this lifetime, how would (same one) aid your survival?” and then Sixth Question: “In this lifetime how would (same one) hinder the survival of others?” Use five and six as long as is necessary to cool it all off or to produce a big cognition.

5. Prepcheck With Big Mid Ruds, using the question, “In this lifetime, on (same one) has anything been…?” and get in Suppress, Careful of, Failed to Reveal, Invalidate, Suggest, Mistake been made, Protest, Anxious about, Decided.

If the pc has a really shattering cognition just halt Prepcheck and end it off.

This Prepcheck is done of course off the meter until the pc says no, then checking it on the meter and cleaning it off. Once you’ve gone to meter on a button stay with meter for further queries. But don’t clean cleans and don’t leave slows or speeded rises either. And don’t cut pc’s Itsa Line.


That should be the end of a Service Facsimile. But a pc may have several, so do it all again through all steps as often as is needed.

Pcs who have had Scientology List One of R2-12 should be given these as the first things used. Pcs who have had assessments done for R3R chains should have these assessment results used (or as much of them as apply) for the next runs. Even if the chain assessment has been run on R3R still use it for R3SC.


To complete clearing then, it is only necessary to give a permissive In This Lifetime 18 button Prepcheck making the pc look hard for answers, short of ARC Breaking pc.

And you should have a beautiful free needle and TA at the clear read and the pc shining.

If clearing did not occur these following faults were present in the auditing:

1. Pc did not agree with assessment, it read only because pc did not understand it or protested it.

2. The assessment was wrong.

3. The atmosphere of auditing was critical of pc.

4. The Itsa Line was not in.

5. The auditor let the Itsa Line wander to early track.

6. The auditor Q’ed and A’ed and went off process and into engrams on pc’s “sell”.

7. The process was not done.

8. The assessment was done by physical disability inspection or by choosing pc’s habits, not by actual assessment.

9. The auditing did not produce TA action (wrong assessment and/or Itsa Line out would be all that could produce no TA action).

10. Pc already sitting in a heavy ARC Break by reason of whole track by-passed charge.

11. This process used instead of an ARC Break Assessment well done, thus making this process a punishment.

12. Questions phrased wrong.

13. Questions were over-run.

14. Questions were under-run.

15. Auditor too choppy on Prepchecking.

16. ARC Breaks in these sessions were not cleaned up.

17. Pc trying to plunge into early track and stay restimulated.

18. Pc trying to get early track GPMs or engrams run to avoid giving up Service Facsimile.

19. Auditor missed withholds accumulated during clearing.

20. Process end product “clear” overestimated by auditor, pc or supervisors.

The keynote of clearing a Service Facsimile is interest. If pc isn’t interested in it, the assessment is wrong.

The keynote of auditing tone is permissive, happy, easy, not militant. Let pc run on and on.

On phrasing question, no matter what is assessed it is always it makes pc right and others wrong. Pc is not trying to make it wrong.


An ordinary Prepcheck, done with a Service Facsimile present, will turn on mass on the pc. Why? Pc is asserting Service Facsimile.


Well that’s the fast rundown on R3SC (Routine Three, Service Facsimile Clear). And that’s clearing. A lot of theory is missing in this HCO Bulletin but not one essential step. You can do it.

If a person is cleared before going on to OT they make it hundreds of hours faster!

(Note: All OT processes will shortly be released with R4 designations but with little other change.)